Hot! Camarone Day 2011

Last Saturday was Camarone Day, one of the French Foreign Legion’s biggest holidays. In honor of the soldiers we portray, the 1REP, the French Foreign Legion reenacting unit that Marc and I belong to, has a party every year, just as the real FFL does. We go out on the town in our dress uniforms, and those with significant others bring their partners along as well, often dressed in period-appropriate 1950s clothes. It’s a lot of fun and certainly gets a lot of attention.

This year we went out to a very nice French restaurant (where our waitress mistook us for actual French soldiers), and then later retired to the corner to hang out, have some drinks, and have a good time. It was a bit chilly this year, so I went upstairs early in post-dinner festivities to play host to some of the other folks who were cold, and so I don’t have as many photos as I usually do, but here are the ones I do have from our evening. Enjoy.

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