Hot! From the Skies of WWI

One of the best perks of being a reenactor is getting to be involved with some pretty awesome events, both historical and otherwise. A week and a half ago, Marc and I attended the “Biplanes & Triplanes” WWI-themed air show at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach. The museum has quite a collection of original and replica WWI planes and even more of them flew in from the surrounding area, creating quite an impressive squadron of planes.

Though Marc and I were technically attending as reenactors with our WWI Russian reenacting unit, the East Siberian Rifles, I was in civilian clothes for the weekend and instead spent most of my time photographing the planes. I am really pleased with many of the shots I got over the weekend, and I’ve been taking my time in editing them. I’ve already had several requests for prints, which is always a good sign.

Even though I’m not finished yet with going through my shots from the weekend, I wanted to show you folks some of the best ones I have so far. Since my father is a pilot and I am a big fan of planes myself (especially biplanes), I really wanted to do justice to these marvels of aviation and to convey through my photos how these creations of wood, cloth, and metal tend to tug at my heartstrings. I hope that comes across. Enjoy.

(Please note that there are around 30 images, so it may take awhile for them to load. They’re worth the wait, I promise.



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  1. Wow, great shots!