Hot! Project Ideas: Early 1900s Coveralls

I’ve been poking around various vintage pattern sites recently and I’ve found some really awesome stuff that I want to make now, regardless of whether it fits with one of my impressions or not.  I figured that I’d show you folks a few of the things that interest me.

One of the patterns I noticed first was this women’s coveralls pattern from 1918.  It’s technically called a “bloomer dress”, but it looks like coveralls to me.  The style reminds me of the coveralls that I’ve seen many women wearing in photos of the anarchistas from the Spanish Civil War, and I think with a few modifications, it could be a great addition to my Spanish Civil War impression.

I would need to remove the ruffles at the bottom and I’d probably move the pockets from the front to the back, but other than that, this pattern seems pretty perfect.  I’d make it out of something heavy like denim or canvas-weight twill.

What do you all think?


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  1. Those are totally different from anything else I’ve seen suggested for the period. They seem very much in fitting with your personal style too!

  2. They look good. I have a pair of reproduction dungarees for my POUM Militia impression.

  3. Those look really awesome! D’you mind me asking what ‘various vintage pattern sites’ you were looking at?