Hot! FIG I Update & Photos Coming Soon!

I was gone from 7am to almost 7pm yesterday, driving to FIG, wandering around the event, and then driving back.  I am not typically a “day-tripper” when it comes to reenacting, but this time was an exception.

I’ve been helping out a team of students from Georgetown University who are making a documentary for their thesis.  They’re taking a bit of an unusual angle on the usual “reenactor subculture documentary” – they’re not really making a piece about the hobby, per se, but instead about the complicated relationship that reenactors have with history.  As a former documentary production student myself, I find this idea quite fascinating, and reached out to them to help.  Back in November they interviewed both me and Marc, and I suggested that they should really go to an event if possible.

Since FIG is both a private event and a public one (the public is only allowed there on one day) and is quite large, I figured it would be a good opportunity for them to get to see reenactors in action and interview a few folks.  So, I drove the three of them up to the event yesterday and then acted as their guide while they wandered around the event.  In the afternoon, after all the public activities were over, we drove back.  It was a good, productive day, if a tiring one.

I got some good shots at the event, and I’ll be posting them some time in the next few days.