Hot! Gallery Time Travel Tuesday: Red Baron

This week’s Time Travel Tuesday shot was taken at the Virginia Beach WWI Air Show last November.  The reenactor in the photo is named Duffy, and he’s dressed in a WWI German uniform, though one from the army rather than the air force.  He wanted a shot of himself next to the famous Red Baron-style red Fokker triplane, and this is the shot I took.

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  1. Hey! I was at that event in 2010 with my dad and my sister. My dad portrays a German pilot and the German equivalent of a Colonel. We had some really cool pictures taken of us by the plane and him in it. There was a guy doing tin-types (I think) and we bought one of the ones he did of the 3 of us. My dad also played their captured German pilot in the battle skits they did. This plane was actually parked right behind our tents last year. It was a whole lot of fun. Sadly this year it was the same weekend as an 1812 event and we were not able to attend.