Hot! Why I Skipped Newville

I was supposed to be at the Newville trench site this weekend with Marc but at the last minute, I backed out.  Given that the day before I had been pretty excited about going, it may seem strange that I’m sitting here in front of my computer instead.  However, I have my reasons.

Doing the partizan thing at Newville last year.

For one, the circumstances surrounding my participation in the event had changed.  When Marc and I originally decided to do this event, there was supposed to be a group of 4-5 fascist partizans running with the Germans that I was to be a part of.  Having done the partizan thing last year for this event, albeit on the Allied side, it seemed like it would be fun.  However, over the last week or two, all the other partizans dropped out, which would have left me the only partizan. Being a solitary partizan tagging along with a squad of German infantry would not only be awkward, it’s also not really authentic and would have made me stand out among the rest of the Axis troops.  As a woman intruding on one of the most masculine sides of the hobby (WWII German), I generally want to blend in as much as possible, and I was not looking forward to being the sore thumb that stuck out visually (due to the lack of other civilians).

My second reason gets at one of the big things I want to change this year: my fitness, or lack thereof.  Over the last five years I’ve gained around 30lbs.  If you take the clock back ten years, it’s around 50lbs.  A more sedentary lifestyle coupled with the ability to cook my own meals as well as some medication-induced issues have really taken their toll and to get down to a healthy weight bracket, I need to lose at least 40lbs.  I’ve noticed that it has gotten increasingly difficult to keep up with my fellow reenactors at tactical events, and that bothers me.  The active running/shooting/climbing part of reenacting is one of my favourite things about the hobby, and in my current state it has become not just difficult but actively unpleasant.  I’ve started working out at home and next week Marc and I will both be starting Crossfit and Parkour, and I think that it’s possible that by this coming fall I would be in good enough shape to be comfortable at tacticals again.  Until then, I’ll probably be limiting my tactical participation to events that I am obligated to attend or that I am wicked excited about.

While I was sitting at work on Friday morning, I kept mulling the event over in my head, as well as the above two factors, and I realized that I was no longer all that enthusiastic about the event.  Since the various fees for the event tally up to $50 per person, I didn’t really feel like shelling out that kind of cash for an event that I wasn’t that excited about anymore.  Marc went to the event without me, but I think that staying home was the right decision for me.

While I’ve been home today I went out for a 1 mile run, did some strength training, worked on my Loyalist unit’s website, and have gotten several chores done.  I think that it’s been a good day.