Hot! See you all at Newville!

I’ll be going out as Soviet for the first time in over a year this weekend, at the 1943 Ostfront event at Newville.  The last time I was at Newville as a Soviet was in 2008, and it was my first major WWII reenactment.  WWII Soviet is one of my favourite impressions, and I’m looking forward to being in breeches and puttees again.  Marc and I are sort of kampfegrupping with a few other unit-less Russians and two Poles, and it will be the first Soviet event for our friend Justin, who is the newest member of our old Soviet unit that I’m trying to resurrect.

Anyway – if you’re going to be there, give me a holler.  If you see a woman wandering around with a rather large camera hidden in a medic bag, that’s me.