Hot! See you all at Rock Ford Plantation!

This weekend Marc and I will be attending a huge reenactment/encampment at Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Since the event is jointly organized by both the British Brigade and the Continental Line (the umbrella organizations for the respective sides), it’s going to be huge, with over 1000 reenactors already registered.  We will be there with our Loyalist unit, the Queen’s Own Loyal Virginia Regiment, sleeping under brush shelters and eating a lot of porridge.

The event is looking like it’s going to be a good one.  Great weather, lots of reenactors, and if the rather active Rev War boards are to be believed, a greater eye for accuracy than is usual.  If you want to see an awesome Revolutionary War reenactment and are anywhere within a couple hours’ drive of Lancaster, this is a great opportunity.

For those interested, here are the details:


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  1. see you there ….saber in hand …we will be portraying the 3rd Dragoons…

  2. I was planning to visit my parents this weekend and it happens that they live not too far from Lancaster. I believe I shall be stopping by on Saturday.