Hot! See you all at Smith’s Fort!

This weekend Marc and I will be attending Smith’s Fort, an event that our Revolutionary War Loyalist unit (the Queen’s Own Loyal Virginia Regiment, or QOLVR) is actually hosting(!) at Bacon’s Castle.  Neither Marc nor I have ever visited the site before, but it is supposedly a lovely 17th century mansion set on a decent chunk of land down near Colonial Williamsburg.

This is the first event that QOLVR has hosted themselves, so it should be an interesting experience at the very least!  QOLVR members Todd and Nikki have managed to secure quite a bit of donated food for the event, including a large amount of corn, bread, and even Virginia ham!  I suspect that we will be eating well this weekend!  There will be a battle and other various demonstrations for the public as well.

If you want to see a great new event at a wonderful site, please stop by Bacon’s Castle in Surrey, Virginia this weekend!  We’d love to see you!

Here is the event information: