Hot! Time Travel Tuesday: The Volley

This week’s Time Travel Tuesday shot was taken a few weeks ago at the Revolutionary War encampment at Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  I’m rather proud of this shot, as it is extremely difficult to get a volley photo in which you can actually see the muzzle blast!


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  1. There’s a secret to photographing a musket blast. When they yell fire, hit the button on your camera. It takes about the same amount of time for the blast to travel down the musket barrel as it does for the shutter to open on your camera.

    • Thanks for the advice! I typically put my camera onto burst mode, so I end up with around 10 shots over the course of a second or so, but even still, it’s rare that I capture one! I’ve actually considered switching to high-res video mode (which on my camera is around 2200px) and simply picking out the relevant frames later.

  2. Those British volleys at Rock Ford were something else. I died and as they fired over me at the rebels it felt like an earthquake. I guess we were concentrated in a small space and so we had the densities you might find in a big European battle of the time. How men stood up to volleys like that, and certain death, is astonishing.