Hot! A new unit for me: Scara Karoli

Scara Karoli

This weekend was Marc and I’s first time turning out with the Carolingian (9th century French) unit that we recently joined, Scara Karoli.  Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t too conducive to comfortable reenacting, but thankfully the event was over before it started sleeting on Sunday.

This was our second Dark Ages impression (the first being the Kievan Rus unit that we helped found last year), and one that I didn’t know the history of all that well, to be honest.  Marc gave me a quick overview on the way to the event, just enough to make sure I could talk to the tourists/guests with some degree of coherency.  The clothing for this era is simple to sew, and was pretty comfortable, especially since I was “galtrooping” as Marc’s illegitimate brother for the weekend and thus was able to wear pants.  As a unit we fared well in the competition (Military Through the Ages is a competitive reenactment) and even took third place in cooking.

It’s a fun impression, and I’m glad to see that the unit is continuing to grow – we even got a new potential recruit during the event!  I believe the unit will also be participating in Marching Through Time at Marietta Mansion this coming spring, which I’m looking forward to.

I’ll be putting up some photos of the unit once I’m finished editing them.  For now, the group shot above should give you a decent idea of what we all looked like this weekend!

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  1. We really enjoyed having you guys with us. I hope you will come out with us again sometime. Hopefully, when I’m not so sick.