Hot! New Impression: French Resistance Fighter

This past weekend at the Warbirds Over the Beach WWII Air Show down at the Military Aviation Museum, Marc and I debuted a new impression with a new unit:  WWII French Resistance.

In reality, this was an easy impression for us to do, as we are able to use a combination of our existing gear for the most part.  Between our Spanish Civil War gear, our French WWI gear, our 1940s civilian gear, and some original French clothing pieces that Marc and I have brought back from our trips to France, we were able to do this impression with minimal new purchases.

My impression utilizes a piece I’ve been wanting to use for awhile: an original 1930s farmer’s smock I have provenance for.  You see them over and over in photos from the period, but I have never seen a reenactor wear one for this period.  It needs to get a bit more dirty, but I think it really adds to the impression.  It’s a very simple garment, so I’m contemplating making a pattern off of it – would anyone be interested if I either released the pattern or started offering reproductions of the garment itself?

Anyway, here’s what I looked like this weekend: