Hot! Work in Progress: Starting my Sleeved Waistcoat

2013-05-25 19.10.33

Last night I finally started on my first garment in my new set of 18th century clothes – a sleeved waistcoat with laced-on sleeves.  I’m using the J.P. Ryan pattern in a size 42.  My chest, when bound for galtrooping, measures as a 42, so I went with that size when I purchased the pattern.  I will need to make adjustments to the waist, but I am thankfully blessed with a fairly rectangular, masculine body shape, which means that I shouldn’t have to do too much adjusting to this pattern.  Regardless, we’re making a muslin first, so that I can make sure it will fit properly, and I will then use that muslin, once it fits properly, as my final pattern.

I cut out the pattern last night (as well as the one for my breeches, since I was already dealing with our “helpful” cats), and tonight I will start on making the muslin.  I’m really looking forward to seeing these clothes as they progress.