Hot! Project Update: Eggplant Sleeved Waistcoat

So, after five or six evenings of sewing, I have a completely hand sewn sleeved waistcoat, minus the buttons and buttonholes.  Marc has graciously made me some fabric covered buttons (from dimes!) that will go on the front, but I need to sew the buttonholes first, and before I can sew the buttonholes, I have to get fully dressed, including my binder, in order to make sure that they get marked in where they belong.

I’m very happy with the way it turned out, especially the sleeves.  I accidentally made two left sleeves at first, which slowed me down quite a bit, and I had to re-set one of the sleeves after sewing it in.  The final result fits just as it should; “snug but without constraint” as I’ve seen referenced in period tailoring texts.

Next up is a new pair of breeches, as my current pair are just a tad short, and they’re such a similar color to my new sleeved waistcoat that if I wear them both at the same time I run the risk of being mistaken for an eggplant with legs.