Hot! My 18th Century Sewing List

As you already know, I have a lot of impressions.  At first glance, it’s easy to assume that I’m at an event every weekend, or that our apartment is overflowing with reenacting gear (okay, that last bit is very true), but in reality my impressions get used in a somewhat cyclical manner.  Some years I do a lot of 20th century events, others I focus on 18th century events, etc.  There’s always some mixing of periods, but I find that focusing on 2-3 impressions in a given year helps me maintain authenticity while also maintaining my sanity.

This year, it looks like my two eras of focus are going to be the American War of Independence and the Spanish Civil War.  Now that I’m finally able to participate in events as myself, I’m really throwing myself wholeheartedly into 18th century stuff, as it has always been my favorite era.

I had some spare time at work the other day, and so I finally wrote up a list of all the 18th century-era clothing that I intend to make in the next couple years.  Here you go.  Checks have been made, circles I have both the fabric and patterns for, and blanks I need either fabric or pattern or both for:

2014-02-21 13.32.47

Now, that works out to be a garment every three weeks, which is optimistic at best and insane at worst.  In reality, I’ll be overjoyed if I can get even just the things with circles done this year, and in reality, I’ll probably get to half of them (especially since I’m shooting three weddings this year…THREE).  In order to speed up the process, I have plans to have a “cutting” day in which I cut out the fabric for the next few garments I’m going to make all at once, so that I can focus on the construction side of things. I also am hoping to make a foldable, cork-covered cutting surface, so that I can pin the fabric and patterns straight to the board and do my cutting with a rotary cutter instead of the tedious and often inaccurate method of using scissors, which should also help speed things up.

So, keep an eye on the Projects section of this site, because I think it’s going to be a busy year!