Hot! Unit Profile: McAlpin’s Corp of Loyal American Volunteers



McAlpin’s Corp of Loyal American Volunteers

What period you represent:

American War of Independence

General location you pull most of your members from:

New England

Do you have loaner gear available:


Your views on authenticity:

The goal of McAlpin’s Corps of American Volunteers is to accurately portray a New York Loyalist/Refugee military company as it appeared between during the Burgoyne Campaign of 1777. As a result, every member of the organization is expected and, more importantly, required, to accurately portray a New York loyalist refugee to the extent permitted by current research. Wearing clothing made of polyester, using plastic or modern buttons, wearing 18th century clothing uncommon to the Hampshire Grants, New York or Massachusetts Colonies, or simply wearing an outfit without a coat or jacket, actually distorts the historical period and events we cherish so deeply. Our organization encourages women and children to join the group as refugees. The story of those who followed Burgoyne’s Army in 1777, or were forced from their homes to flee to Canada is a story seldom told, yet incredibly important. At events, McAlpin’s Corp portrays soldiers “on the move”. Thus, we bring to events only equipment that can be carried in and out. All members are required to sleep on the ground, in brush huts or just under the stars, unless period housing (I.E. the barracks at Fort Ticonderoga or the Col. John Wentworth House in New Hampshire) is provided. We have a number of vegetarians, so any meat that may be available, is cooked separate and added by individuals to their own meals.  We try and cook all our meals with whatever food was available or appropriate during the time/season of the event.

How many events per year you do on average:

Not more than 4

A little bit about the unit:

McAlpin’s Corp is almost entirely made up of members who are in their mid-40’s or younger. So there’s a much tighter feel to friendship. Other than 2 members, the unit is a mainly a non-primary unit for all those who are part of the group. We try not to compete for events with what our primary units are committed to, thus we are able to hold off on people having to choose one over the other.  In the 1770’s, over 20,000 men fought for their homes, families, liberty and freedoms and were branded TRAITORS for remaining loyal to their King. Our aim is to share their forgotten story.

How to contact the unit:

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