Hot! Unit Profile: Scara Karoli



Scara Karoli (Charlemagne’s Army)

What period you represent:

We portray the Franks during the late 700s to early 800s, primarily the reign of Charlemagne.

General location you pull most of your members from:

Our members come mainly from Maryland, Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, the DC area, and Eastern Virginia.

Do you have loaner gear available:

We do have loaner gear of belts, shoes, jewelry, cloaks, and a few other items. Clothing is very simple to make though, and can be made on short notice if new people want to come participate with us.

Your views on authenticity:

Authenticity is important, but due to the limited amount of archaeological evidence from this time period, members have a bit more leeway to draw on evidence from neighboring contemporary cultures as well as from slightly earlier and slightly later eras of Frankish culture.

How many events per year you do on average:

We attend 3 to 4 events per year as a unit: Military Through the Ages in Jamestown, VA; Marching Through Time near DC; and Medieval Days at Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation are events that we do every year.

A little bit about the unit:

The key word is Positivity. Our unit maintains a positive atmosphere. This is a hobby, and you are supposed to have fun while doing it. Your primary goals as a member of this group should be to a) have fun and b) learn about, and teach others about, life in the age of Charlemagne.

How to contact the unit:

By Email:

By Facebook: Scara Karoli Facebook Page