Hot! Unit Profile: Frente Rojo



Frente Rojo

What period you represent:

Spanish Civil War

General location you pull most of your members from:

We have members all around the country, but the majority hail from the east coast, from Georgia to New Hampshire.

Do you have loaner gear available:

We have tons of loaner gear, both clothing and firearms.  Footwear and winter clothing are the only two things that we’re short on.

Your views on authenticity:

We strive to portray the Republican side of the Spanish Civil War as authentically as possible, and there are a range of roles available for all types of participation.  Since original gear is difficult to come by, we make our own reproductions in small batches or modify modern items as necessary.

How many events per year you do on average:

2-4.  Our unusual inter-war time period makes it difficult to find applicable events, though we’re hoping to find more events to attend in the future.

A little bit about the unit:

Frente Rojo is a reenacting collective of reenactors interested in the various factions of the Republican side of the Spanish Civil War.  The conflict had anarchists, communists, socialists, republicans, all sorts of different factions fighting for the Republican government of Spain, and our two main impressions are that of the CNT/FAI anarchist faction and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, a group of American volunteers fighting with the International Brigades.  The unit is one half of La Brigada, an “umbrella” of sorts that we hope will some day include Nationalist forces as well.

How to contact the unit:

Facebook Page: Frente Rojo