Hot! Project: Restoring a French WWI Pack

Awhile back, Marc acquired a model 1893 French pack that was in pretty bad shape.  Several of the seams had come undone, the metal was badly rusted, and the leather had rotted away.  Judging from the names scrawled inside, the pack had been carried by at least three men during its tenure.

In the interests of both using and at the same time preserving the pack, Marc set to work repairing and restoring all the damaged parts of the pack.  He re-sewed the weak or torn seams, fixed the leather trim, cut off the old, rotted leather straps and made new ones (cut, dyed, etc) and then attached them, bought new metal hardware for it, and a few other minor fixes.  Today he packed it up as it would have been used and tried it on.  I think he’s very happy with his work!

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  1. And I complained about carrying my backpack to school.