Hot! Photos from Fort Frederick Market Faire

Last weekend was the ever-popular Market Faire at Fort Frederick in Big Pool, Maryland.  One of the largest colonial markets in the USA, the market faire is effectively a reenactor’s shopping mall for the four days the event runs.  18th century reenactors (and the public, too!) can purchase fabric, clothing, shoes, firearms, accoutrements, even things like furniture, blankets, rugs, and artwork.  It’s really a great event, and since both attendees and vendors come from far and wide, it’s also something of a giant cocktail party for reenactors who may otherwise not get to see eachother very often.  It’s a great event, and one I highly recommend.  I went for two days this year; the first day in period clothing, the second day in modern clothing with my camera.  Below are a few of the photos I took on that second day.  I hope you enjoy them.