The Importance of Unit Standards

It’s my personal opinion that one of the best things a unit can do to improve its overall quality, ease of participation, and professionalism […]

Best Practices for Reenactors

I like to think that I tend to hang out with a pretty on-the-ball group of reenactors, no matter what period I’m doing.  This […]

Avoiding Impression Burnout

It can sometimes be hard to resist the pull of a new and different impression.  Starting a new impression means making more friends, the […]

One Bad Apple: How to Avoid Having a New Member Spoil Your Unit

[Today’s post is a guest post by Sean Lothar] Recruiting is difficult.  Some units struggle for years with a just a few members and […]

Five Ways for 18th Century Reenactors to Improve their Camps

Following on the heels of my post about how 18th century reenactors can eat more authentically, I got a request for a post about […]