Ask A Reenactor: Ethnicity & Reenacting

Shortly after my question about bullying, I got another series of questions about a potentially controversial subject within the reenacting hobby: ethnicity.  Here are […]

Ask A Reenactor: Bullying in the Hobby

Given that bullying has been making some significant headlines recently, I figured that now was a good time to bring up this concerning message […]

Ask A Reenactor: What is the time commitment like?

I am curious and interested in historical reenactment, but I don’t see myself having time to get deeply involved.  Is it ok to go […]

Ask A Reenactor: Where do you get your costumes?

Today’s question comes from a reader of the Daily Reenactor tumblr blog that I run.  I got an anonymous question which read: Where do […]

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    New Feature: Ask A Reenactor

    I’m starting a new feature here on Historically Speaking, called “Ask A Reenactor”. In it I will answer questions each week from readers that have anything to do with reenacting. Questions about the hobby, equipment, my personal experiences, or even just how reenacting can effect a reenactor’s day to day life.