A Labor of Love: Frente Rojo

Three years ago, Marc and I and another friend started up a Spanish Civil War reenacting group that at the time we called La […]

Why I Reenact: It’s about Remembering

History is seen my many as little more than a boring list of names and dates.  Given the way history is taught these days, […]

New Impression: French Resistance Fighter

This past weekend at the Warbirds Over the Beach WWII Air Show down at the Military Aviation Museum, Marc and I debuted a new […]

Avoiding Impression Burnout

It can sometimes be hard to resist the pull of a new and different impression.  Starting a new impression means making more friends, the […]

From the Skies of WWI

One of the best perks of being a reenactor is getting to be involved with some pretty awesome events, both historical and otherwise. A […]