Weighing in on the Progressive Community

I consider myself a “progressive” reenactor. The units I belong to generally label themselves as such, as do the majority of the reenactors that […]

The Importance of Unit Standards

It’s my personal opinion that one of the best things a unit can do to improve its overall quality, ease of participation, and professionalism […]

Best Practices for Reenactors

I like to think that I tend to hang out with a pretty on-the-ball group of reenactors, no matter what period I’m doing.  This […]

Help a new recruit find a unit!

As many of you know, this blog is not the only reenacting-related site that I run.  Along with a couple sites for units I […]

Why I Reenact: It’s about Remembering

History is seen my many as little more than a boring list of names and dates.  Given the way history is taught these days, […]