Photos from Fort Ward

Back in February Marc and I attended a one-day event at Fort Ward with the Queen’s Own Loyal Virginia Regiment, the Loyalist unit we […]

Unit Profile: McAlpin’s Corp of Loyal American Volunteers

Name: McAlpin’s Corp of Loyal American Volunteers What period you represent: American War of Independence General location you pull most of your members from: […]

Quickie Project: Eggplant Wool Sleeved Waistcoat

So, next week is an 18th century event at Fort Ward, right down the road (literally, less than 3 miles) from our apartment.  The […]

Mauve Breeches: First Steps to Final Product

So, to say I’m a bit behind in writing about my projects would be a vast understatement.  But, I’m hoping to work through the […]

Photos from Battle of the Hook

I apologize for not writing in a such a long time.  I’ve had quite a bit of personal upheaval in the last few months […]